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a trusted C-level manager with a proven track record managing rapid business growth in multicultural environments. 


believe that coaching is essential to support a holistic and authentic personal growth.

Catherine Eidens 彭艷珍

Co-active Professional Certified Coach (CTI), Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Over 15 years of commercial business experience


  • the CFO of a Siemens financial services company in Beijing for over five years.

    • oversaw three significant organisational changes whilst achieving consistent double digit year-on-year growth and still managing to achieve or exceed all of her targets

    • led an eight-fold increase in staff numbers to more than 100 across nine locations in China

    • recognised as an outstanding people manager who is genuinely interested in and cares for the staff

    • Effectiveness with people is a reflection of the integrity bringing to relationships and the commitment to the work

    • highly trusted at every level within the organisation


  • Before Siemens

    • worked in the United States and Hong Kong for multi-national companies including Epcos, Microsoft and Covanta Energy in a number of significant finance and controlling management functions


  • believe coaching is an effective people development process that supports clients to create authentic and long-term results

  • coaching approach is to holistically and professionally facilitate self-awareness and trigger actions in the coachees to achieve their goals, both professional and personal

  • measurement of success is to witness clients make changes themselves to their desired direction, enabling the fulfillment of their purpose


  • based in Hong Kong, a native speaker in Cantonese, fluent in English and conversational Mandarin


  • Qualifications and affiliations:

    • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by and member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), since 2018

    • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) by The Coaches Training Institute, since 2011

    • Deputy Chair Community Service of Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (apac), 2011-2015

    • Exco Membership Chair of apac, 2015-2017

    • Certificate of Accreditation Applications Level of Harrison Assessments, 2012

    • Certificate in Executive Coaching by Academy of Executive Coaching AoEC, 2011

    • Certified Public Accountant by American Institution of CPA, 2004

    • Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting, University of Kansas, USA, 1995

why do I coach?


I am extremely passionate about coaching because it really works - on me as well as on others.  As a true believer of tackling issues with holistic approaches, coaching allows me to support my clients in an authentic way and support their achievements to their high goals.  


I also love the idea of servicing successful individuals to facilitate their further and holistic personal growth.  They are the ones in return making bigger impacts to their surroundings.  


My mission is to energise impactful people to grow satisfaction towards their goals at work and in life.   Through coaching, I see myself as a ladder, enabling clients reaching their goals faster. 


my stands
  • We have to stop living other people's lives and start living our own FULLY

  • It's not about how people see us good, it's about how we CHOOSE to live the good and accept to change the bad

  • What is true for me is that making others GREAT will make me great

  • This world needs less competition about we are better and more of doing our best

  • I want my clients to know that you can't feel fulfilled without owning and honouring your high values and you can't change your situation without trying something different

  • What's really important is being honest to ourselves, accept the way we are and act consistently towards what we truly believe

  • From my perspective, feeling responsible for our own lives enables us to take charge in getting our dreams

  • At the end of the day, it always comes back to being honest, choosing to act responsibly, making others good and being kind and thankful

  • I am committed to bring the confidence and courage that people required to act according to their high goals

  • When you feel happy with yourself, you can in turn make a greater impact on your own community


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