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how may I serve you?

I offer bespoke 1:1 coaching sessions in person (Hong Kong) or via Zoom or MS Teams (outside of Hong Kong) in English, Cantonese or Mandarin.


In coaching sessions, you will explore thoughts and perceptions on questions I put forward.  The questions can be inspiring, eye opening, reflective, sometimes challenging.  And through innovative processes, you will experience creating your own innovative options that may not be readily available to you normally.  I will help you to create clarity that you want; I will help to align your goals, actions with your values when you feel it is beneficial and provide you authentic thoughts about your topics.  Together we will design homework practices that you feel resonance and relevant to your goals.  I will witness your changes and achievements along the time we spend together.


my sample clients

senior Management

  • Mercedes-Benz China

  • HSBC Hong Kong

  • a business unit of Siemens Financial Services Germany

  • a global talent measurement solutions provider Hong Kong

  • an international corporation of vacation resorts Hong Kong

  • an independent leading NGO Hong Kong


middle management and senior staff

  • Siemens China

  • Cathay Pacific Hong Kong

  • a multinational NGO China


one-on-one coaching services
Executive Coaching
Personal and Executive Coaching

develop leadership qualities

Career Coaching
Personal and Career Coaching

enhanced career satisfaction

assist leaders to increase performance through coaching to achieve leadership development break-throughs , such as increase 

  • self awarencess

  • ability to empathise

  • confidence

  • ability to inspire

  • trust in key stakeholder relationships

You may choose to work on the development needs to be based on performance evaluation, 360, assessments that you already have completed or it is perfectly ok to start without.  


Typical engagement of at least 6 months with 8 to 12 (60-90 mins each) sessions, depends on the goals.  

work with professionals who desire to enhance their career and work satisfaction:


  • clarify your career aspirations

  • increase performance in your current job 

  • develop beyond the current job

  • clarify and establish meaning to your work

  • be able to manage work conflicts

  • breakthrough barriers to career success

  • make actionable plans toward your ambitions


Typical engagement of at least 3 months with 6 - 8 sessions (each 60-90 each mins), depends on the goals

Private Life Coaching

design your life

Private Life Coaching
Sounding Board Coaching
Sounding Board Coaching

special occasion

work with individuals who is seeking to:


  • align actions and goals with values

  • speaking and acting authentically

  • making an impact on others

  • creative innovative choices to their desired changes in life

  • balance work, life, family

  • topics : relationship / family / aspirations / balance / health, body and mind / work


Typical engagement of at least 3 months with 6-8 sessions (each 60-90 mins each), depending on goals

work with individuals who is seeking a thinking partner to:


  • clarify key decisions making

  • prepare important meetings

  • support personal and professional key topics 

Typical individual session of 1.5-2 hours, you may choose to continue as needed 


Pro-bono Coaching

NGO needs a helping hand

Pro-bono Coaching

work with selective NGO leaders who are seeking to:


  • develop leadership qualities

  • enhance career satisfaction

  • clarify career aspirations


Typical engagement 4-6 sessions (each 60-90mins), depends on needs.  Preferred leaders in small to medium NGOs works in fast growing NGOs in Asia Pacific region.  

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