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coaching structure


Check out the complimentary Experience Meeting and try a mini coaching.  At the end of the meeting, we will reflect on whether you and I feel that my coaching be helpful to your coaching goals.


If after the Experience Meeting we both feel my coaching could be useful to you; we will discuss the services that suit you.  There are many options around the structure to best fit your budget.


Together we design a plan and you will be given a coaching agreement and a foundation questionnaire info pack. You are encouraged to complete it one week prior to our first coaching.  This is helpful for me to briefly know you so that we can be more focused on starting the coaching journey.

All coaching services are required prepayment.


The first meeting up will be Discovery Session.  It normally runs 1,5 hours, during which we will establish clearly the coaching goals and measurements as well as design how you would like to go about the coaching sessions to come.


In our coaching sessions, typically we first check-in, debrief your actions and learning about yourself since our last session, then discuss your preferred coaching focus for the day, and follow by using the majority of the session duration in coaching and thinking through the success you want to achieve for that session.  


You are welcome and encouraged to feedback at any time during the coaching engagement to ensure the coaching works best for you.


The last Coaching Session will be considered the Completion Session where we will have our regular coaching and a review of your coaching achievements.  We will also discuss your next steps on how to build on and sustain your coaching success so far. 

complimentary Experience Meeting 

(1 hour)


  • experience of a mini coaching

  • discuss coaching experience

  • clarify questions

confirmation of services and fees

submits coaching agreement, foundation questionnaire and first payment

Discovery Session

(typical 1,5 hours)


  • discuss coaching outcomes

  • align agreement & expectations

  • design coaching relationship

  • start coaching

Sample structure of a

Coaching Session

(typical 1,5 hours)


  • debrief success/challenges since last coaching

  • clarify session goal

  • coaching

  • review takeaways and agree actions

check in if changes are needed

Completion Session

(typical 1,5 hours)


  • reflect coaching benefits

  • establish sustainable development strategy

  • conclude next steps

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