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"We can let circumstances rule us, or we can take charge and rule our lives from within" ~

Have you noticed that our decision mechanism for making changes is somehow funny and regardless if changes are for better? One of the key prerequisites to initiate doing things differently is when our circumstances made space and allow us to change. This is THE MOMENT. Unfortunately things are not so simple and somehow the situations never reach the defined favourable level we setforth. So we continue to wait for things happened or others to make things happened. At the end, we are stuck in the same old situations and stress is building up while tolerating.

  • I am so busy at work, I have no time for myself

  • I have so much work, but I can't ask for more resources before achieved something substantial

  • I will work on my interpersonal skills when the project is not so demanding on the deadlines

  • I will spend more time to exercise, with my family and friends when I have less work

  • I told him already (the person who should have received info did not purposely forget but he forgot), he should know I need to leave now /I will be away from office /I will not be able to complete this task....)

The list carries on and even we do not want. In fact, we do have the ability to make changes for many situations we are tolerating today. It is common we do let them lingered and have not yet made the choice to change until tolerate builts crisis, internally then externally.

Take charge and create your desired path.

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