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Strength, Resilience, Compassion and Love to you

Christmas is a special time of the year for me personally and I am sure it is to you too. It always means reflection of what has happened in the year and happy celebrations (too much good food and good drinks) with friends and family.

2017 is a year of change for me, not so much me as a person but more about pressing on when change is not over yet. So here even stronger wishes from me personally to you on this Christmas Eve to wish you and your loved ones Hope, Compassion, Trust and Joy in this “Change is constant” era.

My intention is to continue making 2018 a LEARNING year about new things, differences, new situations and considerations, new and renewed relationships, and changes.

I spoke with Santa last week and he is all okay about my sincere wish to you. May you have STRENGTH and RESILIENCE in your learning and absolute COMPASSIONATE and LOVING yourself and therefore others you love.

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