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I highly recommend Catherine to anyone looking to take their career to the next level. Catherine is a dedicated and skilled coach who truly cares about the success of her clients.

Head of Digitalisation

a Global technology company

Hong Kong BU

I feel inspired and grateful towards my colleagues and the company that we had the opportunity to openly communicate to my colleagues and listened to feedbacks which really boosted our togetherness as one team to become better leaders and thrive with our teams

Marketing Director

Hong Kong

All of the content, in particular around how we identify a shared mission amongst HK team to deliver more business impact and a better team culture for retention purpose.

Head of Sales

A global fashion company

We are all excited to become a better leader group for our teams and office and to continuously thrive with the company and externally to deliver success.

Head of Customer Service

A global technology company

Thank you very much again for the great outcome of our team coaching. The team is truly on the next level and I feel the difference in our collaboration. Not only that we got a set of values for our daily orientation, we also created a meaningful mission statement and developed skills to get others on board in times of change.


Hong Kong business unit

Multi-national technology company

Long-lasting change may only come from within, but the journey is exponentially easier when you have the right coach as your partner to guide you along the way. I am very lucky to have found Catherine through a referral, as she guided me to fulfil the initial objectives set out as I sought for coaching, helped me dive even deeper to refine them and see things in a new light, and of course most importantly, imbued in me the behavioural changes that reinforces these internal changes so that they could truly be "my own"

I especially appreciated her approaches, that coaching could be challenging and critical, but she was able to provide both the rational and emotional support all whilst being non-judgmental; often providing the right nudges, for me to discover the right paths to action and not be stuck in the quagmire of my own making.


With Catherine I truly felt that all things work together for good. And for that, I'm forever grateful.

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