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A little bit about myself ...

I am an executive coach with C-level experience and a proven track record in multi-cultural environments.  Inspired by the effectiveness of my own coaching experience as a leader, I became an accredited coach in 2011 focusing on leading self & teams.


... if you want sustainability and acceleration to achieve your success in life and at work, come talk to me.

Benefits of using a Coach:

By International Coach Federation (ICF)

72% improved confidence

70% improved relationships

80% improved self-confidence

67% improved work-life balance

How can I serve you ...

Individual Coaching:

  • Increase well-being & performance

  • Calibrate self-confidence

  • Increase effectiveness in leading self and engaging with others

Team Coaching:

  • Clarify team bottlenecks to success

  • Align team success, behaviour, and ways of working together

  • Build trust and develop as a team

Happy Clients:

I enjoyed going to all my coaching sessions. Catherine was open and relaxed and allowed me to lead the way, I also found her questioning insightful and eye-opening. She gave me time to express myself, gave me space to think and really be true to myself in the sessions. Because of this, I was truly able to benefit gratefully from all the sessions.


- Co-founder and Centre Manager of a NGO Hong Kong

 I gained huge insight into the deep drivers within me that connected to everything in my whole life from my successes to my struggles and frustrations. The coaching was conducted in an open, non-threatening, respectful way, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  I highly recommend coaching to anyone needing same pointers in their career... 


 - Executive Director of a NGO Hong Kong

It is considered one of my biggest achievements last year and continuously in this year. Thank you for your patience and the coaching and at times advice . I also see that you are doing your job with heart and passion. It’s a treasure we came across in life!


- General Manager of a world's leading vacation resorts - Hong Kong

I am an executive coach with C-level experience and a proven track record in multi-cultural environments. She was inspired by the effectiveness of her own coaching experience as a leader and became an accredited coach. She sees herself as a tool (ladder) to facilitate acceleration of clients reaching their success.

- Business Unit CFO of a subsidiary of Siemens AG Germany

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